Fall 2011
Mandala Project
Art 2011
babies, beaches, video, driftwood...
...oh my!
Summer 2010
Homo sapiens? flotsam and jetsam
See the progress of Mr. sapiens? as he attracts beach debris like a wool sock picks up cat hair. And hear the latest from Danny Dolphin, professor of human evolution, about the step backwards our species seems to have taken.
109 Pawnee Road Ceiling
the sissy teen chapel
15' by 16' ceiling (2000-2008).
Stone Renaissance
Exploring lean-to aesthetics of gravity, stones and other objects.
RGB and yellow
As blizzard ends, balls go bouncing about woods, sit in trees and listen to the silent zennishness of the just fallen frozen water powder.
eyes on beach
What do you see? What is seeing? What does it mean?
Human biology, is it different from monkeys?
Charles Darwin, having crawled up on the beach, where he died
About MeBC    
ferget abc, cbs, bbc, cnn, nbc...   broadcast YOU!   A satire that's been going on since 1999. (long before U-tube was even a worm in her momma's belly). Satire of Web 2.0 way before the term was even coined, or satire of human 8.7 or modernism 4.3. Did you know that the future depicted in "Lost in Space" was supposed to be 1997?  

Art's decline   
In a world crammed full of gross hyperbole... 
Humans evolved from apes, some claim, but others still deny it. Sticking to monolithic superstitions, certain zealots oppose all forms of non-authorized knowledge. 
Study finds why women may live longer: because they wear, or are allowed to wear, or not wear, as they choose, make-up.
The mutations of slavery.. and an itinerant sense of something... if i die tomorrow, i'll have done enough


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yellow is the new green, and black is the new orange. together, color migration can solve the riddles of existence and dampen the showers of ignorance with the brittleness of knowledge...

 Must Read Books
"Consciousness Explained"
"Ishmael," "My Ishmael," "The Story of B"
"Marrying George Clooney"
"Voltaire Almighty"
"Philosophy in the Flesh"
"Nickled and Dimed"
"Botany of Desire"
"The Trial"
"I Don't Want to Talk about It"
"Without Parallel"
"The Ghost in the Machine"
"Eating Animals"

Last updated in 1776

A. Schwarzenegger announces he is a drag queen

Art 2003 The Ceiling
Art 81-99 Art 1977-80
109 Pawnee Road
Comin' Out:

"To a gay man who has lived his whole life in the closet, coming out on tv is like...
Ferocios white monster of shohola.
Feature Foto: The world is complicated, and so it's tempting to squeeze it into a more comfortable brain/mind girdle, but that does not necessarily make the world a better place. Can we pause the posturing of our genes, egos, languages, even for a few hours, minutes? If so, the wourld might be... I dunno... let's try it and see.
El Borracho drinking to excess as usual
Art is the imitation of mistakes... REALLY!

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